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Making Home Affordable Program

The Making Home Affordable Program, also called MHA, was designed by the Obama Administration as part of a far-reaching program to help stabilize the housing market, boost the economy, and - perhaps most importantly - help homeowners avoid foreclosure. The housing market collapse led to serious issues in all of these areas, and MHA could help you get your finances back on track if you're in need of assistance.

How MHA Makes Homes More Affordable

HARP makes home affordable through several individual programs that each target different situations and scenarios a homeowner may find themselves in. For instance, the HAMP program is designed to modify existing loans in order to help struggling borrowers get their heads above water. HARP can help to lower mortgage rates and make it easier to refinance a home. There are also special options that can help military veterans and service members.

Underwater Mortgage Options

If your mortgage is underwater, you'll need to start by finding the right programs to help you. Take a look at the different programs, look at what each one offers, and determine the one that matches your situation and your needs the most. Then make sure that you qualify for the basic eligibility requirements of that program. If you do, your next step will be to get started applying for the program.